A Naples Florida Farm

Organic Produce & Free Range Eggs

About Star Grass Farms

I moved to Florida from the northeast with my family in 2020. I have a nice plot of land in Golden Gate that is perfect for my dream of a small local farm. I plan to hopefully get a chicken coop by Christmas of 2022. I've had a couple set backs. Last year I was in a car accident and had spinal surgery. This past August 2022 I had ankle surgery. I miss gardening and chickens. I hope to find a local job soon and get my dreams back on track!

Star Grass - Farmers Market

Star Grass Farms is located in Naples, Florida. We are a small start up farm that has a dream... One day in the future Star Grass Farms will supply local families in Naples, FL with free range eggs, produce, canned goods, flower bouquets, gardening lessons and more!

Donations to get my farm started are accepted and highly appreciated.